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How can I withdraw funds from my account?

You can withdraw funds any time you wish from your Probus Lounge. To request a withdrawal, simply log in to the Probus Lounge, navigate to the Banking section and select ‘Withdraw’ and fill in the form.

What methods can I use to withdraw funds from my account?

At the moment we offer Credit Card and Bank Wire transfer.

Can I withdraw funds using a different payment method than the one I used to deposit?

Withdrawals from your trading account are made to the same wallet in the same payment system that was used to make a deposit in your trading account. The only exception applies if you wish to withdraw profits realised, in which case the funds can only be withdrawn using a bank transfer.

How long does it take to process my withdrawal request?

All withdrawal requests are processed by our Back-Office Department within 1 working day however the time required for the funds to be transferred will depend on the payment method used. Bank Transfers are typically processed by us within 1 working day, however, it takes about 3-5 business days for the funds to be credited to your account.

I wish to cancel my withdrawal request, what shall I do?

If you would like to cancel a withdrawal request please contact us via Live Chat or email us at

What should I do if I have not received my withdrawal?

For withdrawals via Bank Transfer which have not been received after 5 working days from the withdrawal request date, please contact our Support Team at

How can I withdraw funds if the card I used to deposit funds has been cancelled?

After a card has been cancelled, banks are obliged to allow limited transaction types to take place, including refunds. You should therefore withdraw funds to the card you used to deposit, even if this card has been cancelled. You can expect to receive the funds in your new card which replaced the previous, cancelled card.

Do you charge any fees for withdrawals?

ProbusFX does not charge any commission for withdrawing funds via bank transfer.

CFDs and FX are leveraged products which carry a high level of risk which can result in the loss of all capital invested.
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