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Probus Accounts

Why should I open an account with ProbusFX?

ProbusFX is a Brokerage House with a Traders Approach. Opening an account with ProbusFX give you the opportunity
to learn and experience trading with the right support and education while trading FX, Precious Metals,
CFDs on Energies and CFDs on Indices always coupled with a Professional Approach.

What is the difference between a demo and a live account?

A demo account is a virtual online forex trading account where clients can trade with virtual money, unlike
a live account. With a demo account you are able to practice trading strategies and test the trading
platform. Additionally, charts, analysis and currency quotes are similar to a live account.

How long is a Demo Account active for?

A demo account remains active for 60 days after the last login or trading activity.

Can profits made with a Demo Account be withdrawn?

No. The demo account is only for practising using virtual funds therefore profits or losses are not awarded.

What types of accounts are available?

ProbusFX offers 3 types of accounts based on your trading experience: Classic, Standard and Premium. Click
here to view the Account Comparison Chart.

Which account type is right for me?

ProbusFX gives you the flexibility to choose from 3 account types with outstanding trading conditions, covering
the needs of all types of traders. To view more information regarding our accounts please visit the Account Types section on our website.

What currencies can I use to open a ProbusFX account?

We currently accept the following currencies: USD, EUR.

What is the minimum amount required to open an account?

The minimum initial deposit depends on the account type selected. Please
click to view all our accounts
and the minimum initial deposit amount for each.

How can I change my password?

If you need to change your password, simply visit the Accounts
page to login and indicate that you have lost your password. Fill in the email associated with your account
and you will receive an email to reset your password.

Can I close my account?

Yes, in order to close your account, you need to send an email request to

Can I change the leverage on my account?

Please send your request by contacting our Backoffice team by email at
or through live chat.

What fees and commissions does ProbusFX charge?

Depending on the account type you have chosen, there different commissions and charges. *For Classic accounts,
there is no commission charge, as per the spreads fees are variable. *For Standard accounts, there’s
a fixed commission. Please click here for
more information

*For Premium accounts, there’s floating commission depending on previous month’s trading volume. Please
click here for more information

Will my Live Account be closed if it has a zero-account balance?

No, your account will not be closed if you have a zero-account balance.

What are the trading spreads for all instruments?

Please click here
to access more information regarding our instruments.

Can someone from ProbusFX manage my investments?

Yes, ProbusFX also offers the Portfolio Management service for its traders. In case you are interested in the said services, please contact our Backoffice team by email at

Will I be sent a statement for my account activity?

ProbusFX will automatically send you monthly statement regarding your trading activity.

Can I transfer my trading History from another trading company to a trading account with ProbusFX?

No, this is not possible.

Can I transfer my funds from another forex company straight to this one?

No, this is not possible.

CFDs and FX are leveraged products which carry a high level of risk which can result in the loss of all capital invested.
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