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ProbusFX adopts new identity and rebrands as SquaredDirect

ProbusFX adopts new identity and rebrands as SquaredDirect

We would like to announce that we have now changed our trade name from ProbusFX to SquaredDirect. Additionally, our Legal company name has now been changed from Aspide Financial Limited to Squared Financial (CY) Limited. This comes as part of our company’s restructuring and pairing up with our sister company, SquaredPro, to form the Squared Financial Group of companies.

By rebranding ourselves as SquaredDirect and belonging under the same group with our sister company Squared Financial Services Limited, now trading as SquaredPro, we are now able to provide our customers with the best selection of financial services available in the financial markets today.

We have successfully launched our new SquaredDirect website which can be accessed at The website has been designed and streamlined for ease of access, user friendliness and dynamic functionality. It provides all details regarding our trading products and services along with details about our account types. We have also developed a comprehensive Learning Centre for traders of all levels of experience.

Wanting to maintain a consistent brand identity with the other member companies of our group, we have also adopted a new logo which better expresses the Group of Companies we now are a member of. Our new colour identity is represented by a variation of red, namely: Crimson Red, which signifies ambition, determination and a pioneering spirit.

Youssef Barakat, our CEO, said: “While operating as ProbusFX for the past year, we have been experiencing an exponential rise in the demand for Top-Tier financial services and solutions. Remaining focused on the needs of our clients, we have decided to pair up with our sister company to be better able to offer services of unparalleled quality and successfully supply the rising demand. Any of our clients can now be provided with services and conditions that were once reserved for trading insiders and high net-worth individuals or corporations.”

We would also like to highlight that our company shareholding and internal organisational structure will not be affected by the rebranding.

Our rebranding will give our Company a fresh new start to better achieve our long-term goals which include business expansion, improving customer satisfaction and increasing profit margins.

CFDs and FX are leveraged products which carry a high level of risk which can result in the loss of all capital invested.
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